Monday, February 2, 2015

Are you on a path to happiness? Do you want to reclaim your passions? Are you looking to become the person you WANT to be? Are you a blogger or a writer or want to become one? Then you may be interested in this opportunity!

I am looking for a few people who want to contribute to the blog 1-2 times a month who are on their own Pursuit of Glitter + Gold!

What is Glitter + Gold?

Glitter + Gold is what I refer to as my passions and my interests. It is everything that I want to be, want to have, deserve to have. It's the joy in life, the passion in life. It is the things in life that make life worth while and give you happiness. THAT is Glitter + Gold.

Is this a good fit for you?

Absolutely! If you want to better yourself and make positive changes in your life, then this is for you. Whether you decide to contribute or not, this blog is for you, even if it's just as a reader!

Are you going to tell me what to write?

Absolutely not! I want you to have the freedom to decide what is important to you and where it is you want to be in your life. The posts must follow the theme and must be positive in nature, but the content is up to you. I want to follow the journeys of individuals as we seek to find our own Glitter + Gold.

THIS BLOG IS MOVEMENT! It is a lifestyle change, it is a self-improvement journey! 

All interested can email me at

Read my ABOUT ME to find out more about my journey and my pursuits.

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