A Book Summary of Gone Girl and Serena

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello! Angela here!

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I LOVE READING!!! Seriously, I forgot how much I love to read! So I recently just finished up two great books. First one was Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn and the second one being Serena, by Ron Rash. Both have been made into major motion pictures, which I cannot wait to see! 

(SPOILER ALERT!! Here is your fair warning!)

Gone Girl was pretty interesting… very suspenseful. It first takes place in New York City, then in North Carthage Missouri. The book goes back and forth between being narrated by one of the main characters, Nick Dunne, and the diary entries written by the other main character, Amy Dunne. It shows the two sides of a story between the main characters (husband and wife). The book starts on the couples fifth wedding anniversary, and it seems as though they maybe close to ending their marriage... Then Amy disappears. It seems that there was a struggle, but the evidence doesn't add up. The more the police dig, the more it appears that Nick killed his wife. Then in a strange twist, Amy is back! Alive and well... With a crazy story to go with her arrival! The ending of the book is very unexpected. A very good read!
I tried to get into another title by this same author, and just couldn’t get into it. With the little time I do have to read, I prefer to read something that keeps my attention!!  I believe the Gone Girl movie is on demand, and once I get a free night, I’ll be ordering it! 

Serena was also a really great read! I really enjoyed this book.  It's set in 1930's North Carolina. George Pemberton brings his new wife, Serena, back from Boston to his camp where his timber company is located. Upon arriving at the station, they were greeted by Rachel, a woman carrying Pemberton's child, and Rachel's father. Once arriving at the camp, Serena proves her worthy of the men's respect at the camp and works alongside the men. After finding out she will never carry her own child, Serena seeks out to murder Pemberton's son. After an unsuccessful attempt, she suspects Pemberton has been secretly providing support to his son, and sets out to murder him. Years later, after having major success in the lumber business, she is interviewed by a magazine, which is read by Rachel. Serena is ultimately murdered by Pemberton's only son.
I literally could not put this book down! I was sad for it to end. Ron Rash is an incredible author, I will be seeking out more of his work. This book is also made into a movie (the cast includes Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper **swoon**) as soon as this movie hits RedBox it'll be in my DVD player!! 

What books have you read lately?


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