Super Simple Easter Nail Art

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hey, everyone, Grace here! 

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I’d play around with some nail designs. These looks are great if you’re short on time and patience. 

The easiest one of all is the pastel rainbow. I love this one! I went over my rainbow with glitter, but they’ll look neat with any finish – pearlized, metallic, matte, shiny, or satin.

I also really love this variation of the look below – the pastel rainbow French manicure, found on Pinterest, from the VP Fashion blog.

Dots are also quick and easy to add if you use the end of a bobby pin dipped in nail polish. This is great if you don’t have many pastel colors, because you only need two.   

Bunny nail art is super cute! You can speed up the process by putting these little guys only on your ring fingers. I used a textured mint green background to represent grass, but any color will work. If using the brush from a white nail polish is too difficult, then there are nail art pens you can get and simply draw the bunnies on that way. The one I have is the Nailene White French Tip Pen. I started out using my bottled polish, and it wasn’t too tough. However, the particular shade of white that I have is not opaque enough, and I ended up with a little ghost bunny. The nail art pen is a brighter white, and much easier to use. Next year, I’m definitely sticking to the pen! 

To make eyes, a mouth, and a nose, I used little bits of glitter. This way, the shapes are perfect. All you need is an orange wood stick and glittery polish! The orange wood stick can be substituted with a toothpick, but since orange wood sticks are longer, they are easier to use. When I use a toothpick, I sometimes poke myself in the palm. I also used the orange wood stick to pick up a little bit of pink for inside the bunny’s ears, but that step is not essential.

And that’s it! I hope you all share your own cute Easter nails. Have fun! 


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