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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey everyone! Angela here again! 

This post is going to be all about this app that I discovered and the shows that I've been watching since discovering it! 

It's called Amazon Prime Instant Video.
Amazon Prime Instant Video is available for download in the App Store. It is also free with any Amazon Prime Membership (hint: if you are a student, you can get a FREE Amazon prime membership!!) 

There are A TON of free shows and movies that you can watch through the app. You just need to be connected to WiFi to watch. I down loaded the app to watch a show my husband told me about: The Americans (FX). This show is freaking awesome! Easily my new favorite show. It takes place in DC in the 1980's, the two main characters are Russian spies who pretend to be American Citizens. They juggle their lives as a family with a small family business, and their duties to the motherland (Russia/Soviet Union). The first two seasons are available for free, and the third (current) season is also available for purchase on the app! 

This was my first experience with binge- watching a show... I was hooked and went on to binge watch all five seasons of Downton Abbey. ****LOVE**** For those of you who don't already know, it's a British period drama set in a fictional Yorkshire Country Estate, and depicts the lives of an aristocratic family, and their staff. The first four seasons are free and the fifth season is available for purchase for $14.99. 
Want another awesome show to binge-watch? I just finished up the  4-season series from Showtime,  The Tudors, which is all about the reign of King Henry VIII and his six wives. This is a Showtime series, so there is lots of nudity! Just a fair warning!

I'm in love with this app and all of the shows they have available! I'm still deciding on next show to binge-watch.....

Any recommendations?

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