Meet Katie!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well, hello there! My name is Katie! I am the newest contributor to the blog!  

I enjoy theatre, writing, yoga, catering to my prima donna cat, Saba, walking my dog, Magazines (Maggie), and cooking up fun dishes. 

This time last year my favorite pastime was feeling sorry for myself, and snoozing so often that I put Sleeping Beauty to shame. I stopped living! With the help of wonderful friends and family, Zen teachings, and yoga I have created a more positive outlook to life.  I stopped resisting life and everyday since, while still full of challenges, has been beautiful. Happiness is not about having everything you ever wanted. It’s being content with what is. 

We are often bombarded with images of the things we “need” to obtain bliss. But how often do those things make us whole? In my experience, never. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy indulging in a cute pair of heels. But they could be the most adorable shoes ever (think unicorns and kittens) and I accept that I cannot look to them for true happiness. The real jubilance, the kind that frees you from wanting more and more, comes from within.  Looking for the most adorable and accessible beauty trick? Look within yourself. Start exploring your inner joy. You will radiate!

Imperfections aren’t problems to be corrected. They are part of our canvas. Each one creating a portrait that, when you take a step back to admire and appreciate, is really quite amazing. Go ahead. Splash some colors around.  We are rare works of art.  It’s time for our unveiling!


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