Why You Should Be Reading Young Adult Novels

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reading feeds the soul in a way that other activities can't. It allow you to learn and to travel and to experience life through the eyes of others. I would even argue that a good book is even better than a good vacation!

Some of you non readers are probably rolling your eyes, like "yeah right!" But seriously! There is scientific proof that reading can actually improve your life. Reading can decrease your chance of developing alzehimers and can improve your memory. It can also be theraputic and a stress reducer and it allows you to better emphatize with others. They say that readers get to not only live one life, but many lives.

Plus, there is nothing sexier than a well read man or woman.

Just saying.

There are so many genres and different kinds of books, but I'm hear to tell you why you should not only be reading, but why you should be reading books from the Young Adult (YA) genre.

YA Fiction centers around characters who are, well, young adults.  Usually characters are in their teenage years and the story tend to follow characters as they discover who they are and how the world is.

Just because the characters are young doesn't mean the books can only be enjoyed by those in that same age group.

In fact, some of my favorite books have been from the YA genre.

Here are 5 reasons you should be reading YA.

1. You Can Escape Your Adult Life

Remember when you didn't have bills to pay? When you didn't have to work 9-5 or weekends or holidays? When your biggest problem was what you were going to wear to school? Or if you would talk to that cute boy? Or, hell, if you would pass your science test?

It was definitely a simpler time and we get to leave our current problems on the back burner for a while.

2. You Get to Relive Young Love

It brings back all those memories of how in love you were. It was uncomplicated and awkward and it brings you back to those sparks you felt that were so innocent. It's less about the physical and more about the infatuation and the excitement.

It's the passion and the heartbreak but from a safe, wiser distance.

3. Everyone is So Pure

Most of the characters are apologetically themselves. They are hormonal and emotional and give themselves free range to feel what they feel.  If they are angry, they are ANGRY. If they are sad, they are SAD. They rarely hide their feelings or their weirdness. They allow themselves to live fully in the moment, before society tells them how to act in the real world. Before they have to and are able to control their feelings in front of others. Before we start to pull back parts of ourselves so that who we are is contained in a nice little, semi-presentable box.

4.  Good YA Fiction is Actually Well Written

Some people think that YA is dumbed down for teens to understand, but that's simply not true. There is an art to writing from a teenagers perspective in a way that is believable. Most YA is anything but juvenile and is actually complex and complicated and can be just as enjoyable as other genres.

5. Because You are Allowed to Enjoy What You Enjoy

Oh I'm sorry, are you an adult? I guess you should be hanging out in the non-fiction section of the book store.


You can literally read what you want to read, with no reason other than because you want to. YA fiction is fun to read and why should you deny yourself that?

Not sure which book to pick up?

Here are three books that absolutely deserve a read. 

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

What are your favorite YA books?


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