On Replacing Drama with Positivity

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Let’s talk about gossip. We’ve all engaged in it. It feels good, for a short time.  But how often do you feel fulfilled after a gossip session? If we are being honest with ourselves the answer is likely never. Why? Because, in my experience, when we occupy our time discussing other people’s private affairs, especially in a negative and hurtful manner, we are actually saying a whole lot more about ourselves, than it does anyone else.

I will admit I used to entertain gossip constantly. Purchasing tabloid magazines, hunting down the juiciest celebrity dirt online, and regularly bashing others. I know now that I absorbed this constant negativity because I was deeply troubled. Everyday was painful and I didn’t understand why. Rather than trying to sort my own life out I chose to focus on the so-called faults of others. Sure, it felt fantastic in the moment.  But like most hurried repair jobs, the results were not long lasting. So what did I do?  Increased my negative intake, of course! This, naturally, led to more and more suffering. Think about it. When we comment on another in a malicious way, how does that make US feel? We certainly aren’t getting the warm, fuzzy vibes that come with kind words. We might convince ourselves that we are but we can always find a way to justify toxic behavior.  Next time you catch yourself saying something unkind to yourself or another person note how you feel.  Follow up by noting how you feel when you say something beautiful. Keep doing this until it becomes second nature to continuously flow with love.

Of course we all will slip up. I still do! That’s ok.  Don’t beat yourself up. Simply remaining mindful in our words will help lessen these occasions. Remember that we aren’t striving for perfection. We are fully accepting ourselves as is. In that acceptance we grow in fondness for others and ourselves.

I invite you to create a collage that represents you. Create an assortment of images that make you smile. Perhaps you design the type of magazine cover you’d love to see on the shelves. I titled my collage “Illume: Express Your Bliss” (see below). What will your unique mind envision?

Happy photo hunting!



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