Why The World Needs MORE Mindy, Not LESS

Saturday, May 9, 2015

 Photo from FOX.com

Recently Fox announced their decision to cancel the incredibly funny show The Mindy Project. The show created by the talented Mindy Kaling, featured a bright doctor named Mindy Lahiri who was not only funny and smart but a real role model in times were role models just don't exist anymore. 

The world needs MORE Mindy, not LESS and I'll tell you why!

First I'll start with the character Mindy.

1. Mindy loves food.
No, this isn't some kind of weight debate. Mindy loves food. She enjoys it, she craves it, she eats donuts for breakfast if she wants, and she believes that her rights as a citizen are to be able to eat chicken wings. She likes what she likes and finds pleasure in enjoying her favorite foods without guilt.

2. Mindy is incredibly funny.
She is clever and witty and her pop culture jokes are spot on. She questions the strangest things and never feels pressured to do anything. She will go to the club and think of asking the DJ for the WIFI password. Got to admire a women who's who life is perfect comedic timing. She exaggerates everything and she always says everything so matter of fact.

3. Mindy is a career woman.
Mindy is an incredibly successful OB-GYN living in New York City. She fought her way through school and was one of the most promising students. Even though she loves reality tv and rarely takes anything that seriously, she quickly shuts up all the haters because she is one of the best and she never lets it get to her head. She proves that you can be super girly, incredibly funny, pop culture obsessed and be one of the best doctors in her field. GET IT GIRL!

4. Mindy is a confident to the max.
She is confident about her fashion choices and can match patterns like nobody's business. She is confident in her ability as a doctor and a new business owner because she is strong-willed and a hard worker. She is confident in her body and sees herself in the best light.  This woman oozes confidence and it's contagious.

5. Mindy takes no disrespect.
Not from you, not from your momma, not from nobody!

And seriously though, why we need the REAL Mindy, Mindy Kaling:

Mindy has more than pulled her weight as she climbed her way to the top. Nothing was given to her, she earned it, she fought for it. She is one of the funniest women out there. She is a role model, a real role model, in a world where people look up to the reality stars and porn stars. In a world where we admire women who let men walk all over them and women who plump, primp, inject, implant and change everything about themselves. Mindy is beautiful and shows you that you can be who you are, flaws and all (Though, Mindy is perfect, let's be real). Not to mention, she represents a minority that is underrepresented on television and in comedy. Flip to any page in her book and you will be sucked in and inspired.

I'm pretty sure Mindy is my spirit animal.

Fox, you dropped the ball on an amazing show. I hope the rumors are true and that HULU will be picking up the show because it would be the biggest damn shame to let this show die.

HULU, are you listening?? PICK UP THE SHOW! There are many of us waiting to purchase a subscription!


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