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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hey friends! Today I figured I would share some info with you so that you can always get the best deals when shopping at the money-sucking, beauty black hole that is Target.

We all know how it goes: You go in to buy toilet paper and you come out with all new bathroom decor and bedroom decor (because it needs to match the bathroom) and maybe like a shirt or 4. And don't forget the puppies, they need new toys and treats. (oh and the cat! Don't forget something for him. He will be jealous). $100+ later and you have successfully wiped the shelves clean of everything in the store.

Okay, so lets be real, there is a good chance when you go to Target, you are still going to spend like $100+, but we can definitely make that money stretch out even further.

There are a few Tips and Tricks that I can share with you, so that you can always gets the best deals when shopping at Target and save some money in the process.

First, get out your phone and download these two apps: Cartwheel and the Target App.

  • Cartwheel is an app created by Target that gives you a TON of additional discounts on products in the store. Occasionally, they will release Cartwheel only coupons for up to 50% off on DVDs, Toys, Clothing and more. This app also gives you discounts on your groceries! About 10-20% off of the items on the app is the normal discount. It is easy to browse through; you just add your deals and it generates a single barcode that is scanned at checkout. You can even use the scan feature to instantly see if there is a Cartwheel coupon that can be used on that specific item in your cart.
  • The Target App also gives you additional coupons that can be used in store. You can checkout the weekly ad and even browse and purchase products though the app. The coupons on there generate a separate code that can be used at checkout, as well. The discounts tend to be similar to $5 off of $50 Household products or $5 off of $25 Healthcare Products, things of that nature.
  • If you are online at home, you can also check out Target Coupons online. These coupons are also different from the others in the apps! These have to be printed, but trust me, it's worth the extra 10 minutes to browse through the online deals. This, however, needs to be done in advance before heading to the store. The Target App and Cartwheel can be used in store.
  • Target will also let you use Manufactured Coupons in addition to Target coupons, so you can even double up that way. Nice, amiright?
  • Target also price matches many products as well, so even if you see it on sale at Walmart or Amazon for a better price, you can get that price in store at Target!
  • Another way is also to take advantage of the discounts and sales available online only. Target offers shoppers a way to purchase online and pick up in store at the service desk. So if you see an online discount for $40 off of furniture and it is sold in store, you can purchase online, get that price and pick it up in store. 
  • And of course, you can always use your Redcard to get 5% off your purchase. The best to get is the debit card because there are no fees, you get the 5% off and it comes right out of your bank account just as if you were using your normal bank card. The credit card will give you the same discount, but we all know how dangerous credit cards can be, especially at a cash sucking place like Target!

Most of these discounts can be used TOGETHER. So you can use a Target Coupon, a Cartwheel coupon even on on sale products, sometimes even on clearance products too!

I joined Cartwheel in 2013, and since using the app, I have saved $444.04 to date. I can't see a yearly breakdown, but even so, thats just what I've saved on the Cartwheel app. That doesn't include the Target app, Target Coupons OR my Redcard savings!

This post is totally not sponsored in any way. I just wanted to share with you all the best way to big savings at this store! Of course, you won't always strike the great coupons every time you shop at Target since they are always changing out, but all of those savings will add up. Who knows, maybe you can put all those savings away for a vacation?

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