Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ever since I started embracing #NoMakeupMonday, I have become more and more comfortable with my own skin. I try to make sure I follow my skincare routine every night to give my skin the attention it needs. But just because I'm learning to love my naked skin, doesn't mean I don't enjoy making it look flawless.

Most days, I wake up early to bring my son to school. I am around people for a total of 5 minutes when I drop him off and when I pick him up. Hardly worth getting dolled up for, but I really love when I can take a couple of minutes and a small amount of product to get myself put together. I want something simple and easy, but helps me look well rested and fresh. Something that makes it seem like I put on more makeup than I did, but really only was like three products max.

MAKE Beauty products totally fit exactly what I was looking for. MAKE Beauty is a company that never tests on animals and their products are paraben-free, which makes their products even more appealing. They also donate a percentage of sales to the We See Beauty Foundation, which supports women-led businesses in America. Great brand, great products, great ingredients AND invests their efforts into promoting women in the workplace? Um, YES PLEASE.

I was fortunate enough to be sent out two samples of their products to try out. The first was their Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy and the second product was their Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Alabaster.

How cute are those samples!

The first thing I noticed about the Silk Cream Lipstick was how smooth it was when I applied it. It literally glides. Where other lipsticks feel dry right after being applied, this lipstick felt moisturizing. The lipstick is long lasting and this color in particular, is perfect for a simple, yet pulled together look. It has jut a bit of shimmer and is a natural shade of pink. It is made with antioxidant vitamins, rosehip, soybean and safflower oils and also has aloe and chamomile extracts that help keep the lips healthy.

When I tried on the eyeshadow, I knew it would be a perfect base color for any look I wanted to do. But what is nice about it is that is instantly brightens up my eyes when I put it on by itself. It is very pigmented, but while it shows up well on my tan skin, someone with fairer skin my find it nearly invisible. When I used it as a base color with my other eyeshadows I noticed it blended easily and was helped my eye shadow last and worked best with a natural look.
It also does not crease and it as Vitamins C and E in the ingredients to also help protect your eye area.

Here is a swatch of the Silk Cream Lipstick and of the Matte Finish Eyeshadow. The Middle swatch is applied normally and bottom is applied wet. I didn't retouch it in any way because I wanted it to be accurate as possible.

I love how simple it is to use these products to create a really quick and simple look. In this pic, I decided to use a few more products, but normally I just swipe the eyeshadow on, curl my eyelashes, apply the lipstick and dab on a bit of concealer and then head out the door.

As I look through their website, I am totally swooning over their products. You have GOT to check out their line of lip products. Nothing soothes my soul better than a good lip product.

Which product from MAKE Beauty are you dying to try?

This post is sponsored by MAKE Beauty. While, I did receive these samples for free in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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