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Monday, April 11, 2016

The older I get, the more my tastes change. What interested me and inspired me years ago, isn't necessarily what inspires me now. While I still love the contrast between black and white (I don't think that will ever go away) I find myself wanting something more calming. So when I was contacted by the Florida office of global real estate firm, Douglas Elliman, to participate in this Florida Room Challenge, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down and take a look at what I would love in my home.  

My bedroom has continued to be this unfinished, bore of a room. Out of sight, out of mind right?
So I chose my bedroom as the room I would love to create a decor board for. 

I have the extreme privilege of living in a place that most people only get to visit on vacation. I'm 20 minutes from my choice of beach and owning a winter coat is optional. We get to sunbathe and enjoy the warmth of the sun (while wearing sunscreen of course!) and just enjoy the best parts of living in Florida. But despite enjoying what the natural beauty around us the idea of a beach theme for my home has never appealed to me. Well, not in the traditional sense. 

To me, using the beach to inspire the decor of your home is best when it's a little more subtle. It's not necessary to cover the place with starfish and "the beach is this way" signs. You don't have to put up paintings of flip flops in the sand or fill every vase with shells. Not that anything is wrong with decorating with any of these if that is your design aesthetic, but it's just not mine. 

In this Florida Room Challenge, I decided to approach it as a more beach-inspired look, as opposed to a beach-themed room. I wanted to incorporate the varying colors of the ocean, from blue to green and to keep the design light an airy. One of my favorite things about living in Florida, is that we get to enjoy the sunshine all year round. When that sun seeps into the house and fills the home with that perfect light, it is just beyond beautiful. 

If you want a room that makes you feel like you can enjoy Florida all year long, even if you don't live in Florida, you have to capture the natural beauty that we get to experience. The light, the natural drift woods, the calming colors of the ocean. To me, this is what I have grown to love about the Sunshine State. 

I mean, look at how BEAUTIFUL these beaches are! Here are just some of the pictures I have snapped while out at one of our many beaches throughout the gulf. The sun never quits!

These pictures were taken at different beaches or on different days. The ocean always looks different from visit to visit. If we have a storm, the water is a little darker, if it has been still for many days, then the water is clearer and more blue. The colors vary from every shade of green and blue. That is what I wanted to capture in my style board. Calm, beautiful, natural, sun-inviting, simple.

There are so many ways to style your home to help bring in the beautiful of Florida. Even when you are thousands of miles away and perhaps the cold is nipping at you, you can always find away to bring some of that sunshine in doors. If you prefer a more subtle beach-inspired room, like I do, then here are a few tips to help you incorporate this style into your home.

1. Don't be too matchy-matchy. 
Don't use the same shade of color for every accent piece. Changing up the shades of blue or white, will keep it from looking like you theme is a certain color. In simple terms, coordinate, don't match.

2. Incorporate natural elements.
Think driftwood, woven textiles, live plants. They will help bring the space together and give it a more authentic beach feel.

3. Think light.
As I mentioned above, the natural light that we always have, is a major element of Florida living. Colors like white are going to help the light bounce around the room a little better. A mirror also helps the light fill the room. Choosing furniture made of drift wood or made to look like driftwood, give the room a white-washed, almost unbleached room. Trust me, this is a very Floridan thing for anything left outside to get sun-bleached.

4. Upcycle what you already have and think crafty.
While, I completely ignored having a budget while creating the look for this room, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get the same feel. Sand down any old night stands you have or give them a nice coat of paint and then distress them to give them a weathered look. Use baskets for plants that you already have around. Buying new pillows is unnecessary when you can give them a quick update by buying only pillow covers. Upcycle an old mirror with a glue gun and pieces of wood to create something similar to what is seen above. I'm totally a fan of the craft and saving money, so if you can spare the time and feel like getting down, you can save yourself a LOT of money and create a look for much less. (Not so crafty? Check out CopyCatChic to see less expensive finds of some high priced home decor!)

5. Keep it simple.
Don't overcrowd the room with more things. Keep it simple and instead use pattern to bring a room a more cohesive look. Design is in the details, but that does not mean that every inch of a place needs to be over designed. (Plus, it's also much less to dust.)

Well, I hope you liked the room! I found so many great items that I thought were so beautiful I needed to share. I was able to find some great finds on Amazon for you.
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