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Sunday, April 3, 2016

I've been MIA for a little while but I have a good reason, I swear! MY HUSBAND IS HOME. After nearly a year of living that military-wife-life, the deployment has finally come to an end. No more parenting for 2, no more FaceTime calls, no more care packages to be sent, no more lonely nights thinking someone is breaking into the house, no more taking out the garbage (thank God), no more being the only sole cleaner of the cat's litter box. It's done. No more. I made it, I survived. It's done, finished, over, caput.

It has been a VERY long year without my husband. I was so fortunate to make some great friends who kept me occupied during the time and who understood what it was like to have your other half gone, even if they hadn't experienced anything like it. I think anyone who has had to experience a deployment would agree that the biggest part of getting through it is keeping busy.

And busy I have kept!

I took road trips, finished my bachelors degree, took my son on as many outings as possible, changed the kitchen sink, painted the whole house, cleaned out the garage, kick started my blog, started contributing for another blog, selling cards, selling more cards, selling art, decorating the house, redecorating the house, getting tattoos (well ... tattoo), binge watching television shows...

Totally busy.

I try not to complain much to the general public, but I supposed that made it seem easy to others. But honestly, this was one of the hardest things I have done. Most days were struggles, especially while I was doing school and sleeping maybe only 4 hours a night. My son wanted my attention and my husbands and sometimes that caused him to lash out at me. It meant I had to do everything alone, and trust me, as a person with pretty severe social anxiety, that was no easy feat. My husband and I argued over miscommunications and sometimes the distance and the circumstances wanted to divide us. The horror stories of "what happens on deployment, stays on deployment" try to creep into your thoughts and when you hear the real stories of what was going on, it makes it even harder to pretend these things don't exist. But they do. Relationships fail, marriages fail. In sucks, deployment sucks. In every way, shape and form, deployment sucks. Not just for the deployed service member, but for their loved ones at home.

To be able to come out on the other end feels like an accomplishment all on its own. We have been spending the time just readjusting to each others company and trying to spend as much time together as possible before he returns to his civilian job.

But as this full time reunion is coming to an end, things are starting to get back to normal. We aren't big picture takers, but we have managed to capture some of our reunion. This was my husband surprising my son. He was soooo happy to see him!

You would have thought we would have taken some pictures of all of us together, but.... we tend to live off of the Matt and Kim philosophy of "no time for cameras, we'll use our eyes instead."

And one of us. 

We got to celebrate Easter together and go to the aquarium. We have been to the movies and to the playgrounds. It has just been so nice being a family again.

This time has gone by too fast. My husband is going back to work and for a better part of the days, it's going to feel like I am alone again. But the best part is that I'm not. I'll get to see my husband home every night for dinner and we will have the weekends for fun. 

I am just SO glad, that this deployment is over. 

Hope you all had a great Easter! And that you have all been well. :)

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