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Monday, December 12, 2016

Wow! The Fall 2016 school semester is now over and I finally have a solid FREE block of time to post on the blog. It almost feels weird to not have homework!

I realized I never put up a post about the Man Cave I surprised my husband with for his birthday. So I figured that this would be a good post to start back up with. 

We have had a guest bedroom since we moved into our home in 2012. For a while, it got a good amount of use....until it didn't. My in-laws purchased a home not too far away, which meant that my husbands side of the family would definitely be staying there, and my mom bought a house nearby, which meant that my side of the family would be staying at her place. So the guest room stayed unused, collecting dust and being wasted space.

My husband had been dropping hints like crazy that he wanted a man cave. I thought it would be nice to give him a space where he could go watch sports and play video games where I didn't have to hear or see any of it. ;)

So I got to planning!  I knew if I was going to do this, it would have to be on a budget. So I scoured the internet looking up items I could purchase to go with some of the items we already had existing in our home. I wanted to go for a masculine , but nothing too overly sporty or bachelor pad-y.

The items we already had were the rug, the side tables and the jerseys. Everything else had to be bought.

I recruited the help of my sister and dad and we emptied out the room. We had a few hours to get this done, so we got to shopping and then got to work.

I wanted the room to still be functional in case someone had to crash here for a bit, so I knew I needed to get a futon. A lounging chair was a must for my gaming husband, who had actually been eying a chair like this for a couple of years, and then we also needed a tv, a tv stand, curtains, a lamp, and then other various decor items.

After doing my research, I found out that those reclining chairs can run you anywhere from $200-$600. Considering I had set my budget for a max of $400, I couldn't blow it all on a chair. I thought I would have to continue on without it.  I started to check craigslist and different sale groups on Facebook for my area and it was just my luck that someone had just posted that lounging chair on a sale group MINUTES before I had started searching! The best part? It was in near perfect condition and listed for only $40! Guys, that's FOURTY DOLLARS. The lister seemed kind of sketchy as their username was not a name at all but something along the lines of "Sunny and Warm in Florida" and they had zero pictures of themselves on their FB page. I asked a friend to accompany me so I could decrease the risk of the murderation happening.

Turns out, it was just a nice middle age woman just trying to clean up her garage!

Then I still needed a futon. No luck on any sale pages so I knew I would have to purchase one at full price. I'm not a big Walmart fan, but sometimes they have some really good deals. I found they had these faux leather futons for about $140 in store and wouldn't even have to pay or wait for shipping.

Now the TV was another tricky item to purchase if I wanted to stay under budget. I originally purchase a 32 in from target for about $140, but after realizing my dad had a 40 in at his house that at the moment wasn't being used, I offered to pay him $100 for the TV, which was definitely a much better brand that the smaller 32in of unknown brand I had just bought from Target.

After that, a quick trip to TjMaxx, I had all the decor and extra items I needed!

It was a crazy morning and afternoon, but we totally pulled it off. He was so surprised and had no idea!

Here is the source list for everything purchased. 

Succulents:T.J.Maxx, $7 *
Candles: T.J.Maxx, $5 each  *
TV Stand: Target, $40  *
Brass Lamp: Target, $40 
Lounging Chair: Facebook Sale Page, $40
TV: Purchase from Family Member: $100
Side Tables: Already Owned 
Rug: Originally purchased from Target 

Total: $377 

* in store only

Not too bad, huh?

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