About Me

My name is Susie and I am a mother of one and a wife of almost 7 years. I have been creating since before I can even remember! There is a sense of serenity and balance that I feel when I can look at something and find the beauty in it. That is my calm.

I created this blog because I am looking for something. I am looking for something more to fill the gaps in my life.

About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, which is where my thyroid is operating a little too optimally. The thyroid is responsible for many important functions within your body and one that does not function normally can have devastating effects on a person. I saw my quality of life disappear as I continued to get worse. My diagnosis was a God send. After I began treatment, I began to find my passions again. I hadn't even realized that I had given up just about everything I loved to do.

I am in a better place now health-wise and I want to regain my love for my passions again. I want to draw and paint and sew and bring beauty into my life that has been missing for so long!

I want my life back!

So I am in the pursuit; I am in the pursuit of glitter and gold,  sequins and lace, fashion and design, and the beauty in everything I can find.



For comments and collaborations, email me at Susiembennett@yahoo.com

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